"Growers of Quality Camellia Japonicas, Camellia Sasanquas & Related
Camellia Species Since 1972"
"Growers of Quality Camellia Japonicas, Camellia Sasanquas & Related
Camellia Hybrids & Camellia Species Since 1970"
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Present and Past
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Camellia Japonicas, Camellia
Sasanquas and Camellia Hybrids
3 gallon to 45 gallon
 Over The Years
Glenn & Jill
with Children and
Grandchildren growing
up  and working in the  
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G.R.C.N. INTRODUCTIONS are Camellia Japonicas, Camellia Hybrids and Camellia Sasanquas
hybridized at our nursery and named and  registered with the American Camellia Society.
Glenn Read
Camellia Nursery

propagates all of our
cuttings from stock plants
located at our nursery.  
We start by taking scions
and rooting cuttings,
potting into small
containers and moving to
larger containers over a
period of years to get to
the final product in the
largest size containers we
sell.   We produce, grow
and sell in containers
from 3 gallons to 45
Stock Plants &  Container Camellias
Container Grown Camellias
currently available
Glenn started propagating his first Camellia
plants in high school in 1970. He had a
part time job in the evenings after school,
but he knew what he wanted to do. He
started building his first rooting house and
would work on it each day after school, and
any free time he had around his job and
weekends.  The first plants he started
rooting and growing were Camellia
Japonicas and Camellia Sasanquas.
Through the years other species of plants
were added; with Azaleas, Evergreens,
Ferns, Mums, Perennials and Annuals all
having come and gone. A decision was
made to go back to the roots and to the
beginning. Although Camellias were always
number one, today and for over the past  
years, Camellias are the only plants we  
still grow and have been and have always
come first in our 50 years of business.