"Growers of Quality Camellia Japonicas, Camellia Sasanquas & Related
Camellia Species Since 1970"
Multi- trunk 25 gallon Pink Snow
Camellia Sasanqua at GRCN
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Nursery.  All rights reserved
Specialty Camellias  
Available in Multi-Trunk:

We offer multi-trunk Camellias at our nursery in Camellia
Japonicas, Camellia Sasanquas and Camellia Hybrids in 15
gallon and 25 gallon size containers.

Please Call for additional details on varieties available and pricing.
Pink Snow 25g
Multi-trunk      GRCN
Multi-trunk 25g Pink Snow Camellia
Sasanqua at GRCN
Multi-trunk 25g Mrs. Jimmy Davis Pink
Camellia Japonica at GRCN
Multi-trunk 25 gallon Sea Foam
Camellia Japonica at GRCN
Winter's Snowman Camellia Hybrid
Multi-trunk 25g at GRCN
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