Every effort will be made to fill orders as they are received.  
However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will contact
you should we need to substitute some varieties with others of
equal or greater quality.
Specialty Camellias-Available in Multi- Trunk:
We offer multi-trunk Camellias at our nursery in Camellia Japonicas,
Camellia Sasanquas and Camellia Hybrids in 15 gallon and 25 gallon size
Please Call for varieties available,pricing and for additional details.
We do not offer credit terms at our
nursery. All orders are due and payable
at time of pickup or COD at time of
delivery. For your convenience we
accept MasterCard & Visa.  Your
invoice can be e-mailed or faxed prior
to shipping and invoices paid with a
credit card will be processed prior to
loading your plants on the freight truck.
Please contact us for additional

Prices are FOB Glenn Read Camellia
Nursery and subject to change without
We tag all plants with our preprinted
tags listing the variety and a
description of the bloom color and
form, the plant growth and habit and  
the bloom season.
If you require special labeling of plants
with your individual tags on the plants
or containers, there will be an
additional fee per plant tagged for
Wholesale Customers, Please contact
us for a current price and availability list.  All
prices are FOB at Nursery and are subject
to change without notice.  We appreciate all
orders large or small and do not have a
minimum dollar amount or minimum
quantity to place an order with our nursery.

Please call us to check availability as
quantities and varieties change daily.
Special care is taken to insure the proper
identification of each variety using the rules
and regulations set forth by the American
Camellia Society.
If a mistake is made by our nursery in your
quantity, etc., please make a claim
immediately before the freight driver leaves
your business.
All claims must be made immediately upon
receipt of stock. We will be glad to adjust any
mistake made by us, but in no case will our
liability exceed the purchase price.  Our
liability ceases when plants are turned over
to the freight carrier.
We are a wholesale nursery
To make a wholesale purchase or to
receive our wholesale prices,
availability and other plant
information, we require a copy of
one of the following before we give
out our wholesale information.    
We prefer a copy of your Business
Sales Tax License/Resale License.

We require a Sales Tax /Re-Sale License if a
business in MS and out of state we
will accept
a copy of your nursery Business License,
Retail Garden Center License, Landscape
License, Department of Agriculture and
Industries Nursery Dealer Certificate.  
Advanced Booking and
Required Deposit:

If you place an order in advance and want us to
hold your order
longer than an average period of
time to schedule a delivery truck or for you to
arrange pick up
, a deposit will be required.  A 25%
deposit of your total booked order will be required
at time of booking and a confirmed pick up date
scheduled within reason.  The remaining balance
is due at time of delivery or at time of pick up.  
Plants will not be held longer than 30 days
(* See note below.)  
Plants will not be
guaranteed without a deposit.
buyer has a grace period of five working days from
the date of booking to cancel the order.
 After the
grace period of holding the plants, the deposit is
* Note: If you require your plants to be held
over 30 days, an additional fee is required for
labor, maintenance and keeping and caring for
your plants in a separate holding area.  This
additional fee is due prior to the time the plants
ship or when you schedule pick up for your
booked order.
Shipping and Customer
Pick Up:
Customer pick up is welcomed.  At the
least a 24 hour notice is requested.
We open 7:30 - 4:00 and normally
break for lunch from 11:30-12:30.

Arrangements can be scheduled with  
truck brokers to make your plant
delivery. We will confirm your freight
amount due and will not ship until you
approve the freight amount and ship
date.   Freight charges are due by the
customer and payable to the Freight
Company at time of delivery.

Truck drivers are employees of the
Freight Company and are not
responsible for unloading your plants.
Please have adequate help to unload
your plants at time of delivery.  
Copyright   Glenn Read Camellia
Nursery.  All rights reserved
"Growers of Quality Camellia Japonicas, Camellia
Sasanquas & Related Camellia Species Since 1970"
Container Sizes Available:
We grow 2 gallon to 25 (30) gallon size containers at our nursery saleable as
listed in our current availability/price list.  Please call us for our availability if your
business can provide documents to make Wholesale Purchases.   

Additional Information: The 2g varieties have changed.
Please call for availability on Camellia Japonicas, Camellia Sasanquas
and Camellia Hybrids in
2 gallons.
Wholesale Only

We do not sell to the public.
Individuals contact us by e-mail only.     Please go to our CONTACT
US  page and use the contact form.
{No Phone Calls please unless you can provide a business license in
this industry and can buy wholesale

We always enjoy hearing from our customers and visitors.  You can send
us an email with any questions, suggestions or comments that you may
have.   Individuals also can contact us through the form on the       
Contact Us  page if you are interested in a camellia retail garden center
or landscaper that carries our camellias in your area.   
We propagate all of our cuttings from stock plants located at our
nursery.  We start our plants as rooted cuttings and pot into
larger containers every year.  We currently sell 3g to 25g (30g).
Justice in 25g
2 Gallon Japonica & Hybrids

Black Tie                              Lady Van Sittart Red
Bobbie Fain Variegated       Morning Glow   
Brother Rose                        Omega  
Debutante                             Pink Perfection
Don Mac                               Prof. Sargent                          
Fire Falls                              Purple Dawn
Gun Smoke Variegated        R.L. Wheeler Variegated
Gustav Gerbing                    Royal Velvet
Harriet Bisbee                      Something Beautiful
Helen Bower                        Spring Festival
Jessie Bryson                      Sweetie Pie
Just Sue                               Taylor's Perfection
Kick Off                                Thomas Walter Savige
Kramer's Supreme               Tomorrow Park Hill
Lady Clare/Pink Empress    
Tudor Baby
Lady Laura                            Victory White
2 Gallon Sasanqua

A Red Sasanqua
Leslie Ann
Little Pearl
Mine-No-Yuki/Snow On The Mtn./White Doves
Northern Lights
Our Linda
Pink Snow
Reverend Ida
Stephanie Golden
Strawberry Limeade
Winter's Snowman