Every effort will be made to fill orders as they are received.  However, due to daily orders
and circumstances beyond our control, we may have to substitute varieties of quality
plants to take the place of plants no longer available.  If you do not want substitutions or
prefer us to contact you prior to pulling your order which may include substitutions,
please inform us at the time of placing your order.  
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"Growers of Quality Camellia Japonicas, Camellia Sasanquas, Camellia
Hybrids & Related Camellia Species Since 1970"
G.R.C.N. INTRODUCTIONS are Camellia Japonicas, Camellia Hybrids and Camellia Sasanquas
hybridized at our nursery and named and  registered with the American Camellia Society.  See our
Introductions Page for more information on the varieties we have registered at our nursery.
Wholesale Only
We do not sell to the public.
Individuals please contact us by e-mail only.  Please go to our
CONTACT US   page and use the contact form.   Individuals can let us know what area
you are in (city and state) and we will refer you to one of our customers that sell to the
public.  We will refer a retail garden center or landscaper where you can buy our
Camellias retail near your location.

(No Phone Calls please, unless you can provide a business license in this industry for
and can buy wholesale.)
Wholesale Buyers- Please see the Services page for
Individuals, check back with us soon on this page for a referral for online sales and a link for
smaller containers available in 1 gallons.
Additional Information on Camellia Blooming Seasons, Bloom Types,  etc.  
Guidelines for Classifications, Descriptions and Estimated Sizes of Varieties and Container sizes.
1. Size:  The size of the bloom is described as Miniature …(2 ½ “ or less) Small…(over 2 ½” to 3”) Medium…
(over 3” to 4”) Large (over 4” to 5”) and Very Large (over 5”). Sizes of flowers are estimated and based upon
variables in your area, variety, temperature, soil type, culture, etc.

2. Form:  Single…one row of not over eight regular, irregular or loose petals and conspicuous stamens.
Example: Yuletide.  
Semidouble: two or more rows of regular, irregular or loose petals and conspicuous stamens.
Example: Royal Velvet.  
Anemone:  One or more rows of large outer petals lying flat with the center mass
intermingled petaloids and stamens. Example: Mansize.  
Peony:  a deep, rounded bloom either with a Loose
Peony form… loose petals which may be irregular, intermingled stamens and can have intermingled petals,
petaloids and stamens in the center.  Example: Lilette Whitman.  Or,
Full Peony form… a mass of mixed irregular
petals, petaloids and stamens or irregular petals and petaloids never showing stamens. Example: Debutante.  
Rose Form Double:   Imbricated petals showing stamens in concave center when fully opened. Example:
Formal Double:  Fully imbricated with many rows of petals, never showing stamens. Example:
Grace Albritton. Formal...

3. Blooming Period:  This information must always be considered as approximate and based upon
average conditions and is affected by variable weather conditions, the amount of rainfall, the variations in
temperature, etc. An estimated guideline is:

Camellia Sasanquas, Hiemalis, Vernalis:            Camellia Japonicas, Hybrids, Sinensis:
Early:  Mid September - October                               Early:  November - December  
Middle: October- November                                       Middle: December- January     
Late: November – January                                         Late: January – March & later

4. Estimated Average Plant sizes per containers:   All Camellia Varieties
have their own specific growth habits ranging in height from low growers to uprights, uprights to column type
growers.  Plant average widths vary per variety from dense to open, dense to spreading, dense to weeping and all
variables in between.  

CAMELLIA JAPONICAS & HYBRIDS                      
3 Gallon:   32" x 16"
7 Gallon:   3 1/2' x 20"
10 Gallon:   4’ x 26” – 28”
15 Gallon:   4’- 4 ½’- 5’ x 32”
25 Gallon:   5’ -6’ x 3’ – 3 ½’- 4’
45 Gallon:   6’- 6 ½’- 7’ plus x 4’ – 5   

3 Gallon:   3 -3 1/2" x 16" - 20"  (Dwarf varieties 16" x 16")
7 Gallon:   3 1/2' - 4'  x 24”    (Dwarfs varieties 24" x 24")       
10 Gallon:   4' - 4 1/2' x  32"
15 Gallon:   4 ½’ – 5’ x 32”  
25 Gallon:  6’ x 3 ½’ -4’
45 Gallon:  6 ‘ – 6 ½’ - 7’ x 4’ – 4 ½’  
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